The Talking Jobs resource has enormous potential to provide high quality and up to date information about a wide range of careers. In addition to providing specific information this resource demonstrates the routes people from all kinds of backgrounds have taken to achieve personal success and fulfilment in their chosen careers.

Brian Lightman

Then General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL)

I continue to be impressed by the resource that Talking Jobs provides. It’s rich with information, accessible, engaging and a powerful way of opening up career choices for those who might not have traditionally thought of themselves as able to pursue certain career paths. There are few things that are as successful as Talking Jobs at breaking down traditional stereotypes and opening up possibilities for both those looking for new careers or those advising other of career choices.

Professor Paul Hardaker

Chief Executive, Institute of Physics

Talking Jobs is an incredibly powerful and important resource for young people; offering highly engaging, easily navigated and relevant material on careers and opportunities. Through providing access to real people's stories about their particular career/life journeys, coupled with the site's interactive tools and activities, Talking Jobs ensures a broad cross section of young society is able to explore choices they may not typically have considered available to them. Each user is able to find something meaningful to them...the beauty of this is how the resource can be navigated and shaped to provide tailored guidance to ensure the important choices they are about to make in terms of education, work and life are *informed* choices. The resource is also geared towards teachers and learning professionals who are looking to shape these futures; providing guidance and inspiration for lesson plans and discussions.
The idea behind introducing young people to "everyday heroes" means that stereotypes are challenged, new levels of insight are gained and social inequality is thereby truly lessened. The premise that you are unlikely to consider a certain career unless you are exposed to it or have an understanding of how you can arrive at it is at the core of Talking Jobs; providing inspiration and motivation to allow young people to stretch their personal envelopes, based on their potential rather than the barriers of social expectation.

Richard Tyrie

Co-founder, Jobs go Public